It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, that time of the year when we say thanks to the close of harvest season and other blessings from the past year. Families get together for dinner – lots of good food and drinks that make the occasion special.

While the socializing aspect of the thanksgiving weekend is something I always look forward to, I believe it is also a time for us to reflect on how fortunate and blessed we are. As I pen my thoughts together, I am thankful for:

  • Family & Friends: I’m thankful that my family has survived the ups and downs of the pandemic. Everyone is vaccinated and hopeful that my wife and I can meet our parents in person soon. Having the ring fence of family and friends around makes things a lot easier.
  • Food & Health: I am grateful for having food on the table every morning and having options to pick and choose to what I feel like having at every meal. I haven’t been able to hit the gym but have been going out for a run in my neighbourhood trails. A hidden gem that I explored during the pandemic lockdown.
  • Canada, my home: I am thankful to the opportunities this great country has given me to excel in my career and fulfil my dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving 2021 !